Our Members

Sissel and Harry

Photo of Harry and Sissil.

Harry and Sissel were born and raised on two different islands on the west coast of Norway, Harry on Radoy and Sissel on Fedje. They met at high school and married in 1974, almost 20 and 22 year of age.

We have three grown children, David, born in 76, Kristil born in 79, and Rebekka born in 81.

While in Norway Harry studied Business Administration and completed his BA diploma in 1978. He was employed by a bank, Sparebank West; was the managing director of a boat building company, Saga Boats; and worked for an insurance company, Vesta. Sissel studied law at the University of Bergen, without completing the degree. She was teaching at various elementary schools, and employed as a clerk by the Norwegian Post. Read more...

We all moved to Sooke in 1986.The children attended Saseenos Elementary School, Journey Middle School, and Edward Milne Community School. Both of us were involved with various PACs.

We started fish farming in the Sooke Basin and expanded with three farms north of Tofino. In 2000 we sold out of the fish farming business. The same year Sissel received her CGA designation through CGA Canada.

Today our children have spread out. David is married to Marit, lives in Oslo, Norway, and they have two children, Teodor and Ingrid. Kristil is married to Colin, lives in Oak Bay, and they have two children, Mathilde and Duncan. Rebekka is married to Anne, lives in Toronto, and they have one daughter, Gillian.

We owned and managed French Beach Retreats for 12 years, a vacation rental property; Sissel has been working part time as a CGA in Langford and Sooke. We have also been involved with several of the non-profit groups in Sooke, and Sissel is still a director of Kludahk Outdoors Club. The last couple of years we have been retired and are enjoying our grandparent status.

For the last decade we have been talking with neighbours and friends about all of us moving onto our property and create a little community by the water. Then, a while ago, we heard about a similar idea, called co-housing, and that a group was being formed here in Sooke. Sissel took Margaret’s course, but the timing was not right for us to become involved.

Early spring of 2016 we contacted Andrew Moore with the questions whether he thought there was interest in another co-housing group in Sooke. Together with Andrew and Margaret we did some preliminary investigations, set up a public meeting to measure the level of interest, 30 people showed up, and from there the idea has evolved to where we are today.

Coming from Norway were we both grew up in small communities, both Harry and Sissel are interested in politics, although we do not always agree, and community living. We both enjoy reading, hiking, biking and travelling. Harry likes woodworking while Sissel enjoys knitting, gardening and painting/drawing. We both enjoy spending time with our grandchildren and going for walks with Tulla, our adopted grand-dog.



Photo of Kitty.

I grew up with the Rocky Mountains as a constant physical presence, so mountains mean home to me. West Wind Harbour not only enjoys panoramic mountain views but also has the delightful bonus of the ocean at its door. I love Sooke’s earthy connections to sea and forest and am very excited to be involved with establishing the West Wind community within sight of my present home at Harbourside. Cohousing is more than an interesting theory for me; my private life is balanced within a sustaining and vibrant community—now times two! I am grateful for the enthusiastic grace of Harry and Sissel in welcoming the expansion of their family home into a new home for many more.

Besides a love of the outdoors, my life is grounded in scientific curiosity and literature. As a nuclear medicine technologist, I had the good luck to work in a wide variety of settings from a small regional hospital in the Kootenays to the Cancer Control Agency in Vancouver to the teaching hospital in Geneva, Switzerland. While my children were growing, I worked in a family medicine clinic in the Maritimes and returned to academia, pursuing graduate studies in English and then teaching at Saint Thomas University, the University of New Brunswick, and University Canada West in Vancouver. I’ve been a student nearly all my life and continue to read, write, and edit. Read more...

I have an international family: two sons, Rob and Chris, plus two accidental daughters who were exchange students in our family, Martha from Germany and Mónica from Cuba. Rob is a helicopter pilot with the RCAF, and Chris is a mining engineer and investment analyst in Sydney, Australia. Martha is a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology in Göttingen, and Mónica works on the frontlines of the opioid crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

As I handle inquiries for West Wind Harbour and organize workshops with the brilliant Margaret Critchlow, I am surprised how useful disparate past experiences are proving. Who would have guessed that a brief stint writing online learning programs in the IT industry or organizing and refereeing speed skating meets would come in handy? We are very fortunate to have Ronaye Matthew and Cohousing Development Consulting expertly guiding our development—yet more amazing learning possibilities! It is so exciting to correspond with the interesting people from all over Canada and beyond who are interested in our project.

To have the opportunity to make a conscious decision about the community I live in is a privilege; to participate in the formation of a cohousing community—not only the physical design but also building the human connections essential to a vibrant community—that is a rare gift, indeed. With energetic and interesting people with whom to share life’s little pleasures, with mountains and sea outside, and with piles of books inside, I’m living my dream.


Brian and Irene

Photo of Brian and Irene.

Brian and Irene decided to leave the family farm in Manitoba and join the West Wind Harbour Cohousing community after spending a month’s holiday in Sooke in 2016. We fell in love with the area - flowers in February! - and subsequently researched the “new-to-us” concept of senior cohousing. We were thrilled when we heard via the Harbourside website that a new Sooke senior cohousing project was starting up, and decided to take a road trip back to the area to learn more about it. The opportunity to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle year-round appeals to us especially as we age, and Sooke offers many attractions such as a strong arts community, an indoor pool, and a variety of local services and amenities.

We have both spent considerable time assisting our parents as they aged, and we watched as they struggled with trying to find a balance between independence and assistance. Over the last few years, we have put a lot of thought into what we would like our later years to look like, and had been unable to feel satisfied with what we came up with until we learned about cohousing. Read more...

Apart from the idea of living on Vancouver Island, we have both been drawn in by the concepts of intentional community, consensus decision-making, and respectful communication that are an integral part of cohousing. From our point of view, the challenges are far out-weighed by the caring support and friendship offered in community, and we feel extremely fortunate to be able to be a part of this project. We have quickly formed solid bonds with others over the last few months and look forward to developing these relationships as we live in community together.

During our working years - Brian as a draftsperson and Irene as a music educator - we had the opportunity in the mid-80s to return to the family farm in western Manitoba with our young family. The farm had been in Brian’s family since 1882, and it was exciting to be able to carry on the tradition. We specialized in organic grains and later added sheep to the mix, supplementing the farm income with off-farm work. Brian set up his own drafting business, designing homes and small commercial buildings, while Irene taught music and band (and anything else that was thrown her way) in local schools.

Over the years, we have enjoyed camping, hiking, canoeing, and playing music together. We’ve shared these activities with our 3 children and 7 grandchildren (who range in age from 1 to 21), and we’re proud to say that our eldest grandchildren have even formed their own bluegrass band and entertain at local events! The whole family is excited about our move to Vancouver Island and can’t wait to come out to the west coast for a visit.


Linda and Rick

Photo of Rick and Linda.

Rick and Linda are both retired healthcare administrators. Linda managed dental / oral surgical practices and Rick was a senior healthcare executive. They met after Rick retired and moved from Winnipeg to Sooke. Linda was to discover the beauty of Sooke as she visited from West Vancouver getting to know her future husband. Having worked in Comox, Rick always knew he would make his way back to the island. Linda had similar dreams after spending many years on the beautiful, but cold Prairies. They both grew up on the east coast, Linda in Nova Scotia and Rick in Maine. They both had fathers with maritime careers. Linda’s father was a Canadian naval air navigation officer on the HMCS Bonaventure. Rick’s father was a Master Mariner skippering ships around the world. Read more...

Between them they have three adult children all doing well following their dreams either academically or already finished university and building a career.

As it is for almost everyone, it was a big decision for them to embark on the cohousing journey. The tipping point for them was seeing the completion of the Harbourside cohousing project here in Sooke. “To be able to live in an intentional oceanfront community having co-laboured with other founding members to bring the dream to reality will cement life-long friendships. As an added incentive, being able to work with the same consultants as were used in the Harbourside project gave us the confidence and trust we would end up with a sister waterfront project that was just as wonderful as the first."

Both Rick and Linda are active in Sooke’s volunteer community. Linda is pursuing her painting and Rick is sharing his photography hobby with Linda. They both enjoy living in a landscape and nature photographer’s paradise and look forward to capturing more eagle images from our deck at West Wind Harbour. They both are avid ocean kayakers and enjoy biking Sooke’s excellent trails.



Photo of Carollyne.

I’m attracted to Westwind Harbour for many reasons- most importantly, the community that is gathering in our beautiful coastal haven by the sea. I found cohousing over 20 years ago with a friend who became my next-door neighbor at Windsong in Langley. It reminded me of the tightly knit village on the edge of Quebec City where I grew up. Our family celebrated my son’s 10th birthday on move-in day at Windsong in 1996. He still lives there with his wife and my one year old granddaughter, Gemma

I moved into my next cohousing home at Quayside in North Vancouver 5 years ago. One of my favourite volunteer activities there is chairing the Thriving Team, where we pay attention to ways we can increase our collective quality of life. I guess I’m just a co-houser for life! Read more...

In the rest of my life, I have a thriving coaching business that takes me into interesting places to work with leaders and their teams. I also teach the Executive Coaching Program at Royal Roads University- just 30 minutes from my future home. My corporate work takes me on the road frequently, which is why I appreciate my home even more.

I also love travelling for pleasure, and have been on all continents except Antarctica. On my most recent trip to Ireland I spent a week in cooking school. I have a beloved collection of international recipes to share with my new neighbours.

My hobbies include following my daughter Juhli and her Company B Jazz Band to great concerts, and my son, Chef Russell to his restaurants. I look forward to being fed and entertained for the rest of my life! Another passion is conducting ceremonies - celebrations of life, weddings, and other milestones. I am looking forward to celebrating many moments of delight with my community at Westwind Harbour.



Photo of Susan and Sophie.

I have divided my life, geographically, into thirds. My early years up to university were spent in the North shore area of Massachusetts. For the next third I lived in the Colorado Rockies with a few years sprinkled in Hawaii and Oregon. My next third was spent living on the coast of Maine. Then we are at my present, where I now live, on Vancouver Island.

My main career was in the Mental Health field doing case management, administration and direct work with my consumers for about 25 years. At the age of 45 I returned to school for a degree in Horticulture and finally had found my “calling”. One never retires from loving and growing plants and sharing knowledge with others. Read more...

My closest family is my brother who lives In San Francisco, so I look foreword to being part of this Cohousing project, knowing I will have others of like mind to become my new family (a wonderful community!) and have the piece of mind to be able to “age in place.”

I chose the Sooke area to be closer to Victoria and have those city amenities available to me . Most of my life has been spent close to the sea with the wild outdoors nearby to also enjoy with my Black Lab, Sophie.

My interests include reading, music, cooking, plant life, kayaking and laughing when ever I can. This new community brings many of us with similar interests together so we can enjoy our lives together with just a knock on the door or a walk down the hill.


Janet and Michael

Photo of Janet and Michael.

Michael graduated from U. of Guelph in plant science and pursued graduate solar studies at U. of Calgary. ‘Hanger on’ at a commune in the Kootenays starting in 1969. Became a vegetarian in 1971. Travelled the ‘hippie trail’ to India in 1972. Formed a little company in 1976 to promote more responsible living through efficient energy/resource use. Focus has been the design of net zero housing and the promotion of composting sanitation. The latter has been but an excuse to enjoy the outdoors by providing facilities across Canada’s parks. These evangelistic efforts continue somewhat abated to this day. Built a wonderful 3,300 square foot shop/apartment that treats its own wastes, produces more power than it consumes and is self reliant for water through rainwater collection. Doing this feels good.

Janet grew up in a large Italian family (in St. Louis, USA) and that has been a key influence in her life & value of Community. She lived in intentional community in St. Louis as a young adult, and during her years working with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in the Pacific Northwest. Some of her experiences included working in a migrant Hispanic community clinic in Oregon, as well as with Alaska Natives in an Eskimo Village, guided by the values of simple living, social justice, spirituality & community. Read more...

After loving life in Portland Oregon for many years, she moved to Canada to marry Michael and raise two lovely daughters that she admits are her greatest teachers.

Janet has worked for 30 years as a Nurse Practitioner in both Canada and the USA. Currently she works as a Health Consultant/Energy Practitioner with clients all over the world. She looks forward to sharing music, dance, kayaking and other adventures with her CoHo buddies!

Together Janet & Michael have lived in a village of 450 an hour from Calgary where they have appreciated the safety net of support offered by everyone knowing everyone.

They are keenly drawn to group learning/living situations and appreciate the physical proximity to facilitate caring and fun, connection and growth. That’s why marrying was a good idea! That’s why adopting two amazing girls from China (Maya and Xian) was smart. That’s why Westwind Harbour is so attractive!



Photo of Janet.

Cohousing has never attracted me, even though most of my family lives in 3 different co-housing communities in BC. I attended the Building Community workshop in July 2016 to see what my sister Carollyne was getting into. To my surprise, I fell in love with the people who were attracted to this project. The rest is history….

I’ve been an artist all my life, and had the privilege of studying in some of the finest schools in Canada, beginning with L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in my home town, Quebec City. My formal studies culminated in a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr in 2010. I translated my love of art into film production where I have worked in Set Decoration for my whole career. My claim to fame is working on X-Men 3 and too many others to count. Ask me for stories… Read more...

I am passionate about adventure travel to many parts of the globe, most notably climbing the Annapurna Pass ( elevation 17,929 ft.) at age 60. Following the climb I spent a month in India. My travels piqued my interest in international cuisine, which I love to share with my family and friends. I have a wide circle of friends and a close-knit family who gather to share meals, stories and laughs on a regular basis. (there’s a birthday a month we could be celebrating)

I am very grateful that my sisters, and their families followed me to the West Coast, which we all call home now. One of the most satisfying times in my life was when my mother came to live with me for the last 10 years of her life. We grew a special bond that made her passing very hard for me.

What I bring to co-housing is a spirit of adventure, joie de vivre, and life experience that will contribute to many projects, and many more conversations about living the good life in community.


Rin and Coral

Photo of Rin.

I love to run! Marathons! Triathlons! The feeling of being on my own in a beautiful location with plenty of time by myself to use to think! I like to bike, to swim and to go on long walks too. I love people and i am quite a hermit. My happy place is to sit by the hearth with a book, maybe two or three books at a time...all on different themes and probably one in Dutch. I love good coffee! and hermit cookies. I also enjoy quietly smudging oil pastels with my fingers and making landscapes.

I am a father of three wonderful daughters, Bonice, Ellen and Monique. I am also a grand-father and a great-grand-father. I raised my family in Saanich and i taught for many years at Camosun College as an Organic Chemist. After i retired i worked at Royal Roads University in the Environmental Science Program. I taught myself new aspects of chemistry to do this work.

I have been interested in the idea of cohousing for a long time as a way to live that connects me with others and allows me to share our life experiences. It is also a challenge for me because i do enjoy my solitude so i am going to be stretching myself. I bring to this project my peaceful presence and the vulnerability of being an elder.

Photo of Rin.

I love being outdoors. Walking, hiking, biking and swimming. I use my yoga mat quite a bit to ground myself. Knitting also helps me slow down. Rin and i meditate most mornings to start off the day. And i often have my nose inside a book! reading about adventures lived and to discover new ways to think and to eat!

I enjoy making coloured pencil drawings and allowing my watercolours to speak. I also love writing and illustrating. One day i would like to illustrate and to write a book! I taught art for many years as well...in Africa, in B.C....with teenagers and with adults.

For 25 years i have been practicing massage therapy, 16 years now in Sooke. I am a RMT by training but i think I am always learning about embodiment with the people who entrust me to unwind places of mind-body tension. It is a miracle every-time...witnessing how people heal themselves. I liken this work to that of a sherpa; i accompany a journey. Read more...

Rin and i have explored quite a few cohousing projects in theory and WWH is the one we chose to jump into. Partly because of its location on a lovely waterfront property, partly because of the intriguing folk who are gathering, and partly because we are getting older and it is time to live the experiment and to surprise ourselves with our discoveries...challenges and all!



Photo of Georgina.

Anticipating retirement from a rewarding career in non-profit management; I am an action-oriented person, and have a passion for adventure and making things happen. What could be a better outlet than this co-housing project?

Raised, educated and a huge lover of London, England I am often surprised by my passion for the west coast and the tranquility of the scenic environment of the Gulf Islands. It provides a yin to the yang of my life.

I have been a Rotarian for 20 years and support countless other non-profit organizations. My philosophy is to do my best to leave the world a better place. I’m social and happy to be involved in new projects and always curious about learning new things. A dragon boater, avid reader and exercise lover, I’m looking forward to spending time relearning my enjoyment of my old stained glass hobby when I have more time to relax!

I have three wonderful adult children: Josh, Tessa and Zoë who bring me great joy.


Patricia and Linda

Photo of Linda and Patricia.

We first met in 1981 in London, England but did not get to live together until 2003 and we married in 2006. As a same-sex couple (Linda British, Patricia American) we could not find a country in which we could legally live as a couple so we immigrated to Canada in 2005. We are drawn to the cohousing community as we are well aware of how important community is to health and wellness as we age. We have had a home in Sooke since 2004 and love the coastal living and proximity to hiking, boating and biking. Our dog, Dudley, joined us in 2007 after we adopted him in the US. As we contemplated the next chapter of our lives, we were delighted to find a cohousing community right here. Read more...

Linda: I have lived and worked in four countries (so far): U.K.; France; USA and Canada. I have a son in France. One would think I had had enough of travel but no, the bug is still there... I have worked in health service finance, ESL and technical writing. I am a regular attendee at the Sooke pool and enjoy word games and, of course planning the next trip. I love being by the water and taking photos of wildlife. I hope to bring practicality and humour to our future community, as well a variety of cuisines to the community dinners.

Patricia: I am a retired medical doctor, a specialist in internal medicine, occupational and environmental medicine, and had my own consulting practice in Seattle for over 25 years. I am on the clinical faculty of U. of Washington as well as U. of British Columbia. I have lived most of my life in various cities around the US, but am now very comfortable in semi-rural Sooke. I enjoy part-time teaching at the UBC medical school in Victoria, aquafit at SeaParc, exercising, biking, and walking/hiking and dinners with friends as well as reading and travel. I bring to the community curiosity and willingness to try new things, as well as the desire to contribute to the health and wellness of the community.



Photo of Elke.

Born and raised in Germany, I have gradually moved further west from Toronto, where I started my new life as a Canadian, first to Thunder Bay, then to Minneapolis, then Calgary and soon to Vancouver Island. It has been my intention to retire out here for many years. I love nature, outdoor activities like camping and hiking, and living close to the ocean. So the dream is becoming a reality and the prospect of living in a co-housing community makes it an even more desirable future. Co-housing is the perfect lifestyle choice for me.

Most of my professional life has been spent in some capacity as a human resource development professional. My life as an adult educator in private and public sectors has given me the chance to learn about several industries from "the inside". I have taken on people development projects in health care, telecommunications, hospitality services, railway and, most recently, oil and gas. I am a committed life-long learner, and I expect to explore learning opportunities well past my recent retirement. Read more...

I have two adult sons, who are my pride and joy and who I have raised as a single mom for most if their lives. Emmett is a lawyer, married and living in Calgary, and Denholm graduated as a Software Engineer from the University of Victoria last year. He too loves this part of the world as much as I do and has chosen to stay in Victoria to start his career.

Photo of Elke's dog.

My sweet little dog is the only family member still living with me, and we plan on enjoying many adventures together with our new-found freedom, both at home in our new community and in our travel trailer when we go camping.



Kate and Steve

Photo of Kate and Steve.

Kate’s husband and Steve’s wife died just 17 days apart from one another. A mutual friend introduced Kate and Steve to each other some months later. Sharing such an enormous life event brought them together; and those bonds deepened into friendship and love as they helped each other heal through kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking, and traveling. Today their shared values around intentional community, life-long learning, and a passion for the intensity of an authentic life has brought them to the West Wind Harbour Cohousing community. Read more...

Steve is a geologist/geochemist, recently retired from a career in teaching and the environmental business. Raised and educated in the United States, his training led him to projects in Asia, Southeast Asian, South and Central America, Africa, and Europe before moving to Canada in 2006 (which may fulfill his mother’s prediction, based on the confusion between geology and geography, that he could maybe have a career as a travel agent). In Canada, Steve taught at UBC and continued working on environmental projects locally and abroad. Since retiring, he has continued to volunteer with non-profit organizations on environmental projects. Steve continues to pursue his life-long interest in indigenous peoples by taking classes in anthropology and archaeology, with emphasis on First Nations studies of the Pacific Northwest, as well as by volunteering at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. Steve includes as hobbies: spinning, kayaking/canoeing, hiking and cycling, depending upon the season and the weather.

Kate always loved school, and in fact, never really managed to completely escape from it as today she is a member of the faculty cross appointed to the departments of Botany and Zoology at the University of British Columbia. Having begun her undergraduate studies majoring in art, she is still sometimes a bit shocked at having completed a bachelor’s degree in botany, and a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology (studying algal biochemistry at a medical school)! She is still not quite sure how that happened. Kate spent a decade as a research scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado prior to the resumption of her career in academe. She loves reading, thinking, boating, bicycling, the outdoors, plants, and lichens – also rocks, people, mammals other than humans, other living beings (microbes too), cosmology, etc. – pretty much everything J (such a nerd).

Despite the handicap of severe over education, Steve and Kate very much look forward to sharing and learning from all the other amazing and wonderful people that are a part of this community.


Paul & Sally

Photo of Sally and Paul.

Finding ourselves single after lengthy marriages, we each took a chance on online dating and – much to our surprise - it worked! We’ve been happily together in Vancouver since 2012 and married in 2015. Second time around really is wonderful!

We’re both ‘sort-of ex-pats’ while being Canadian: Sally was born in Montreal, raised and educated in Barbados and England before moving to Vancouver in 1981. Paul was born in Australia and moved to BC in 1969. Our shared love of travel, visiting friends and new places is unabated. Read more...

Our backgrounds are otherwise rather different. Sally’s route has been rather conventional – a degree in design followed by four decades as an interior design consultant. After so many years being career-focused, Sally’s entirely happy to be out of the biz and still passionate about art, design, architecture, cultural activities and gardening. Paul’s trajectory has been quite unconventional – an unapologetic hippie and seeker in his youth - he spent eight years in an ashram before realizing the powerful urge to make a family. He remains close to his two beautiful adult children. While family- focused, Paul’s career path took him into technology where he worked in Westjet’s IT department, followed by applications development for Apple devices.

Recently retired, we’re giving a lot of thought to how to flourish in our third age. To be part of a supportive community, in a beautiful, quiet and sustainable environment are what’s drawn us to West Wind Harbour.


Michael & Jenefer

Photo of Michael & Jenefer.

Michael was born in north eastern Manitoba in a forest community and spent his spare time exploring lakes and rivers by canoe and on snowshoes. He went to university in New Brunswick and Manitoba, graduating from the University of Winnipeg, started in business with HBC and BMO and eventually went to the UK to work in the book and art trade.

Jenefer was raised in London, England, educated at James Allen’s Girls’ School. She worked her way up the career ladder to become Human Resources Manager at Daniel J. Edelman Public Relations. She was destined to remain an independent career woman until she met Michael on a train, returning to London from separate hiking/climbing holidays in Scotland. Attracted to someone who loved outdoor activities as much as she the knot was tied and they had a son. Michael persuaded her life was better in Canada so in 1978 they re-settled here. Read more...

Winnipeg was quite a change for Jenefer so she has empathy with any newcomer experiencing such a transition. Gardening, which is part of her soul, had to be relearned and she adapted to the new sports of canoeing, sailing, skiing, encouraged by many friends. Michael went to work for HBC and Royal Doulton . A transfer moved us to Aurora, Ontario, our next domicile for 20 years, where Jenefer returned to an old hobby, pottery, joining Pine Tree Potters’ Guild. We formed our own tableware importing company in 1990.

As empty nesters we started our downsizing by moving to Pinawa, Manitoba, a small town on the Winnipeg River, where we enjoyed all our favourite outdoor pursuits as well as drama and pottery. Stewart married and settled in Sooke so, expecting grandchildren we decided in 2013 to move nearer and be part of the children’s lives. They now have 3. Michael has a son, daughter-in-law and grandchild in North Carolina.

Then we heard about West Wind Harbour Co-Housing and, feeling we wanted more companionship of like minded people and the opportunity to help build a sharing community, we attended an information session. Situated in a most gorgeous, peaceful part of central Sooke overlooking the sea and mountains, it couldn’t be more appealing. The camaraderie we have experienced attending project meetings has been amazing - it’s one big, happy, caring family.

We have been active volunteers in a variety of community organizations in other towns: working with Aurora Heritage, helping organize the International Envirothon Competition, Manitoba Triathlon, Pinawa Players Drama Society. Michael volunteered on the board of directors of the Model Forest organization involved in encouraging sustainable forest practices, educating First Nations youth in the use of forest resources, and the support of primary research of moose and caribou habitat.

We plan to continue volunteering in the West Wind community.



Photo of Rosemary.

I grew up on the outskirts of London, on the edge of Epping Forest, enjoying the best of all worlds has become quite a theme for me.

My education revealed a great interest in science and a love of the Arts. In addition, I have a passion for the betterment of humanity. I studied Social Work at Middlesex University in London. I was a Social Worker in the UK for 20 years, mainly working with the families of people with disabilities. Until my husband and I and our two children, came Canada in 2000. After we landed, we lived in Toronto for two years before relocating to Vancouver. A Canadian now, and proud of it, I still retain my British citizenship. Read more...

Whilst on a career break from Social Work to raise our family I studied Reflexology with the International Institute, this later led me to study energy healing with the Four Winds, founded by Alberto Villodo. I have recently given talks on healthy eating and Shamanic story writing; now you may think these are pretty divergent topics, but there is, a unifying theme. The theme of: being in right relationship physically and emotionally. We can do this, by becoming aware of what our body needs, and what is sustainable to the planet for us to eat; and thereby set up some of the conditions for good physical health. Through Shamanic story writing we can realize that we have a choice in the perspective that we adopt when we describe our life and the things that happen. This realization, can lead us to be in right relationship with others and ourselves and set up some of the conditions for good emotional health.

I was interested in co-housing for a few years before I found West Wind Harbour. I like living on my own, but realized that I needed to be connected to community for my health and wellbeing. The things that sold me on West Wind Harbour were location and people. Our land is situated on the coast, in the midst of nature and yet only 45 minutes from the city of Victoria. Sooke itself is a friendly town with many amenities. The people at West Wind Harbour are interesting and lively minded. There are different personalities and I see that we are enriching each other’s lives already as we learn about each other and the business of building a community together.

I have two grown up children who live in Vancouver I love them both dearly and see them regularly.

Mo is my dog he is a Japanese Chin. He is my first dog, I had always had cats and his breed has been described as a “cat-like dog”.

I took a course in Graphic Design in 2001 and I am pretty computer savvy particularly on a MAC. My hobbies include painting, kayaking, dressmaking and poetry and playing the cello; I self-published a book of poems in 2009. I also enjoy walking and hanging out on beaches; (the opportunity to do this in and around Sooke is huge!)


Alex & Marion

Photo of Alex and Marion.

Alex grew up in North London in the Hampstead and Highgate area. In the 1970’s he left the grey and dreary U.K. and followed his elder brother to the lotus land that was Vancouver. In British Columbia, the Robertson brothers discovered tree planting and realized that compared to back home this was a pretty good way to make a living. And living in Vancouver in the winter collecting E.I wasn’t so bad either.

After working for tree planting contractors Alex and a group of tree planters formed a workers owned tree planting cooperative which they operated for many years. After his tree planting career ended Alex had a number of different jobs. He has worked as a landscaper and for a property management company maintaining rental properties and he operated his own handy man company for a couple of years. Since 2005 he has been working as bus driver for the Sunshine Coast Regional District and he is retiring at the end of April.

Marion grew up in northern B.C. in Prince George. After high school she went to UBC and received her B.A. in history and political science in 1986. She spent the next 10 years tree planting, teaching English as a second language and travelling. In 1996 when her knees starting telling her that tree planting days were numbered she went back to UBC and got her law degree. By this time she had met Alex. Since 2003 she has been working as a Crown Counsel, first in Fort St John and then in Sechelt. Read more...

Alex and Marion met tree planting and their romance blossomed in a “shaker’s camp” on the north end of Vancouver Island watching videos of classic westerns such as Lonesome Dove, The Shooting of Liberty Vance and Once Upon a Time in the West.

They have no children and currently have an elderly dog and a not quite as elderly cat. They have been interested in co-housing for some time and wanted to find a project that was well on its way. They learned of the West Wind Harbour project and soon realized that it was something that they wanted to become involved in.

Alex has a number of very useful skills. He is a terrific gardener and is very good and building and repairing things. In addition, he has trained himself to repair bicycles. Marion’s legal background is for the most part not very practical (unless you get charged with impaired driving) but she is a good writer and is pretty good at organizing things. They enjoy outdoor activities like cycling and hiking and swimming and hope to do a lot of travelling in the future.



Photo of Bob.

I was raised and educated in Toronto. When I was 18, I had the good fortune to travel across Canada by train and work in the bush around Lake Babine in central BC. It was hard work but a grand adventure for a kid from Toronto. I fell in love with the beauty of British Columbia and decided then that I would eventually move to BC.

In the face of dire parental predictions, I returned to Toronto where I completed an undergraduate then law degree. From 1974 to 1988 I practiced civil litigation in Calgary. In 1988 I decided to move to British Columbia and initially spent some time at the Haven Institute on Gabriola Island followed by extensive travel in Asia. In the face of yet again more dire predictions, I decided to settle in Victoria and resume the practice of law. In the latter years of practice, I took training in the Conflict Resolution program at the Justice Institute of BC. I believe that my experiences at the Haven and the Justice Institute have enriched my life significantly and provided skills that are well suited to the consensus-based decision-making principles of cohousing. Read more...

My decision to move into Cohousing was instinctive. I now reside in Harbourside Cohousing while I await completion of the West Wind Harbour Cohousing project. I can say from first hand experience that I have met a diverse, warm hearted, motivated, interesting and active group of dedicated individuals who are building a resilient and engaging community. From my experience to date at Harbourside and West Wind Harbour, I think that the consensus-based decision model affords members the opportunity to listen and understand differing views which seems to bring people together in surprising ways and effectively resolves many issues of difference. That process also builds a community of friends. Sooke offers many community-based activities for all interests and one is always made to feel welcome. And of course, there is the incomparable experience of living on the edge of the sea,

I enjoy adventure travel, cycling, hiking, spending time with friends, exercise and inflicting my broken French and Spanish on the locals in those countries where those languages are spoken.


Poul & Mary

Photo of Poul & Mary.

Poul and Mary were considering forming their own cohousing when they met the members of West Wind Harbour Cohousing and saw the spectacular property. Within days they knew they belonged. The two of them are active, hardworking, social people who love to laugh and enjoy life. Poul came from Denmark as a child, growing up in Burnaby; Mary lived in Sooke as a teenager. They met in Victoria at a singles dance after ending up on their own. They have five grown children and seven grandchildren between them from their first marriages.

Poul is a retired software engineer who worked at Microsoft Research and various other companies over a three decade span. Mary is a retired Victoria PE and Math teacher with a Masters degree in Administration and Curriculum. Poul is involved with an active writer’s group and is developing a Speculative Fiction series of novels. He has had volunteer training in counseling and hypnotherapy along with early career experience in real estate and carpentry. Mary, who was a member of Canada’s International basketball team, was featured in the NetFlix documentary, Age of Champions, plays senior volleyball, and dragon boats. She is a certified Life Coach.

Poul loves to invent and design solutions to complex problems, (eg. 3D printed electric wheelbarrow); Mary zones out while doing jigsaw puzzles and writing poetry. They love to dance, enjoy their new friends, and intend to fill the coming years with adventures.


Jessy & Ed

Photo of jessy & Ed.

We met, in Calgary, through a mutual friend and soon became quite inseparable. We were married almost two years later. We are attracted to cohousing as we understand and have witnessed the effects of community on health and wellness. Soon after we were married we had a steady stream of people living with us including family, godchildren and university students living away from their families. We love movies, walks and travelling together.


I was born in Ottawa. But at six months of age I was placed in a cardboard box, by parents, and brought back to Vancouver by train. The family moved about eleven times before I finished grade twelve. My father was a salesman. So by the time the family returned to Vancouver again I was quite keen to stay planted on the coast. I completed all three of my degrees at UBC. The coast was in my heart.

However a job offer as a professor took me to the University of Calgary and there I stayed for 37 years, teaching and researching in the field of entrepreneurship. I’ve published over 70 articles and 2 books. I am most proud of my work linking creativity with entrepreneurial success.


While teaching at the university I founded a New Venture program that connected students with practicing entrepreneurs in Calgary. Soon after I tried my own hand at a high tech venture.

At present, in retirement, I do aspire to remain healthy and intellectually active. My marriage of 25 years to Jessy is at the center of my well-being. My 96 year old mother and my 41 year old son, from a previous marriage, also occupy my concerns. Finally, our nephew and I are trying to launch a business to clean up the toxic remains from the Alberta oil sands using technology being developed by an engineering friend from my days as a student at UBC in the 60’s.


I was born in Singapore but have always felt I was raised in three countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Canada. My mother was a social welfare officer who started me, on a long career of volunteerism, at the age of six, feeding and holding little abandoned babies. I loved singing them to sleep. As one of the youngest in a very large extended family, I witnessed both the drama and the delights that accompany such a blessing.

After I finished my ‘O’ and ‘A’ level education, I tried my hand at teaching at a local school in Singapore which eventually inspired me to study Sociology in Canada. While completing my education, I decided to take a job, teaching ESL, in Japan. What was to be a three- month assignment extended to a year. The immersion into the southern Japanese culture was a great opportunity to observe the interrelation of generations in community. While at university I also ran a talk/music radio show on culture and music. After completing my education, I was presented an opportunity to be a partner in a audio-video-animation production house, where I was writer/producer for mostly industrial films. Simultaneously, I got involved in a band, where we co-wrote original music, where I wrote the lyrics, and co-organized our concerts.

Currently, I am a jazz improvisational singer-musician. I am currently experimenting with a swing duo, while I engage in professional development (mostly in the area of improvisation.)

I am deeply into meditation and jump rope, LOVE art films, driving, dancing and Terraforming Mars:)